Powerful Email Marketing Script

Powerful Email Marketing Script To Be Sent Through Your Personal Email Account For The Team Build Club Leads

The Email Script Below will be a work in progress…

You will need to send this email through your own personal email account such as gmail - which is what I use.

I focus on ENGLISH speaking countries which use Team Build Club leads because the script is in ENGLISH.

Since I'm an Up Graded TBC Member everyday I find those TBC members who have also up graded and send them the email below 1st.

In the script you will see... for your prospect to request a Free Sales Page - LIKE YOURS - they must reply to your email with their Team Build Club referral link, full name & email.

When you receive this info, back in the email reply, make a post my PM - with their info... Team Build Club referral link, full name & email. 

I will then build a Free Lead Generating Viral Sales Page for them using YOUR Sales Page content - ONLY removing YOUR Team Build Club referral link replacing it with theirs.

Once I have their Sales Page built I will post it in YOUR PM area and send them an email with instructions on how to join YOUR Free To Join & Earn programs requesting to then replace your referral links with theirs. 

In that email I will be directing them to join the Monster Domain Support Group here: https://t.me/joinchat/W6cTmbY5U3Q5N2Zh

Make sure you stay active in the Support Group to personally welcome your NEW Monster Domain Members.

Here’s the email script with instructions you need to send your TBC leads... 


Email Title

In the email title below you will see I have "Team Build Club"... It's extremely important, whether you use this title or one of your own, you place "Team Build Club" in the title of your email.

If you are like me, if I do not know where an email solicitation comes from, I will MARK IT AS SPAM!

As you know Team Build Club allows everyone in their organization access to the name & email of the member. With that understanding thousands of TBC members will be sending out emails from their private email account or from one of those autoresponders like Aweber.

When the TBC member joined they knew they will receive emails from TBC.

So with the understaning the receiver is expecting an email from "Team Build Club". 

Always place "Team Build Club" in the title of your email so the receiver knows where it is coming from and will NOT mark it as SPAM!

Here's a sample tile I use with GREAT results...


(name) I Need Your Team Build Club Referral Link For The Sales Page I’m Going To Make For You!


Email Body

The #1 mistake Team Build Club members make is they send an email trying to sell and/or offer one of their business offer/opportunities to the lead!

99% of the TBC members have a money making opportunity and that is the reseason they joined TBC. 

I guarantee you those thousands of TBC members will send an email offering their offer to the other thousands of TBC members!



That is exactly what you have in YOUR Free Lead Generating Viral Sales Page - Free To Join & Earn Advertertising programs which of course includes the Free Sales Page.

In the email script below you will be offering a Free Lead Generating Viral Sales Page for THEIR Team Build Club program.

You're NOT trying to sell them something or trying to get them to join one of your offers.

You are giving them something they MUST have to promote their TBC and other business offers!

Now what's POWERFULL about offering these TBC prospects a FREE Sales Page... in YOUR FREE Sales Page is YOUR money making opportunties.

When I build their Free Sales Page for them I will be using the content from YOUR Sales Page and programming it into their Free Sales Page.

NOW ALL of your other money making opportunities are in THEIR Free Sales Page.

They can choose to join YOUR opportunties or not.

If they join your opportunities I will remove YOUR referral links and replace them with theirs.

If they decide NOT to join YOUR referral links stay in their Sales Page.

When they use the script below to promote their Sales Page to ALL of those TBC leads YOUR referral links will also be promoted.

This is how we get YOUR referral links to go VIRAL by having others do the marketing for you through their Sales Page if they DO NOT join your opportunites!


Here's a sample body script I use with GREAT results...


(name) You are in my Team Build Club Downline.

Go Here:  (your free sales page URL) To check out my F*r.e.e Lead Generating Viral Sales Page.

When you click on the link above you will  land on my Sales Page. 

Scroll down to find the Team Build Club BANNER.

When we build YOUR F*r.e.e. Lead Generating Viral Sales Page for you we will be removing MY NAME & Team Build Club referral link and replacing it with yours!

Reply to this email with your FULL NAME & Team Build Club referral link so we can program it into your Sales Page.

Once we have your F*r.e.e Lead Generating Viral Sales Programmed, with your Team Build Club referral link, I will reply to this email with the link to your NEW Lead Generating Viral Sales Page with further instructions on how to join the other F*r.e.e To Join & Earn programs giving us your referral links to those programs to program into your Sales Page

Your Sales Page will be placed in the COOP where we send traffic to ALL the Monster Domain Members Lead Generating Viral Sales Pages including yours.

Ok (name) you know what to do!

I’ll be waiting for your reply with your Team Build Club referral link…

(your name)

P.S. You make up to 100% commissions in TRON from anyone who requests to have us build a F*r.e.e. Lead Generating Sales Page from YOUR Sales and upgrades to one our Monster Domain Memberships.

What I have just talked about above is so IMPORTANT with the success of your TBC leads so let's review...

#1. Never send an email from your private email account or autoresponder without TBC or Team Build Club in the title or body of your email.

#2. Never try to SELL or offer one of your opportunties in the email on 1st contact.

#3. Always offer an opportuntiy for them to promote THEIR TBC and/or business offer with a promotional offer such as YOUR Free Lead Generating Sales or any of the Free To Join & Earn advertising offers in your Sales Page!

I guarantee if you do not follow these 3 steps you will NOT be succesful with YOUR TBC Leads!

To your success...


Silver Fox