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Marty & Harvey have been online marketers with a combined 50 years of experience.  

They have lost money and made money - fortunately they have made more money than they lost!

They have seen 100s of affiliate programs come and go!

The purpose of this Affiliate & Crypto Team Build Mastermind Group is to offer VIABLE Affiliate Marketing & Crypto programs that pay and are NOT SCAMS.

This does NOT mean these programs will be viable and pay forever!

Crypto Earning Platforms are EXPLODING on the Internet and the scammers are building one every day. 

Marty and Harvey call these the "Next Shiny Objects" - hard to believe people are joining without researching who the creators are and if these programs will be a Viable Lasting Program... but they still join in large numbers! 

Here's what Marty & Harvey do to PROTECT their Crypto Team Build Members from being RIPPED OFF from those "Next Shiny Objects"! 

#1. They ONLY look at Crypto Opportunities from their ACTIVE Crypto Team Build Members who make positive comments in their Crypto Team Build Group CLICK HERE 4 to 5 times a week and have joined the majority of the Crypto Programs offered on this page!


#2.They spend a few weeks doing research in a Google Scam Search for the creator & the program. They check out the ZOOM presentations, participate in the Telegram & Discord Groups asking questions. 

NOTE: If it is a REAL VIABLE Crypto Program the programs will have Zoom, Telegram and/or Discord Presentations & Groups! 

Marty & Harvey know the majority of ALL the TOP scammers and the BAD Affiliate & Crypto Programs on the Internet! 


#3. Once that research is finished and they feel it could be a good fit for the TEAM they contact the creators/owners of the program and do an interview. Since Marty & Harvey have a reputation of “HEAVY HITTERS” on the internet those creators/owners are receptive to the interview. Try to do this if you are just getting started - they will laugh at you and tell you to go away!

If they can't do a personal interview with the creator of the program either on a Zoom Call and/or Telegram or Discord Group chances are they will NOT join the program then offer it to their members!


#4. Then they join the program and test it for a week or maybe 2 weeks to see how it works and if it will last for more than a few weeks.


#5. When they are confident it will be a good fit they present it to the TEAM for their approval in a “SURVEY”.


#6. If the majority of the team agrees then off to the races.


#7. For those programs - in the Team Build that become NONPROFITABLE - they then do another survey to see if the team wants to terminate it. If the majority of the team agrees that program should be removed from the Team Build... it’s GONE!



Whether your opportunity is approved or not approved to be placed in the "My Daily Routine To $1,000 A Day Page"  

Harvey will build a Free Lead Generating Viral Sales Page for your business offers and place it in the COOP.... CLICK HERE


#8. The Crypto Team Build Group Is All About Spreading The Risk! What’s great about the Crypto Team Build Group is if one of the several programs the Team works slows down or fails they just keep working ALL the other programs in the portfolio here:!  

Then they find a new VIABLE program to replace the ones that have slowed down or failed and plug it into the Team Build Portfolio creating Multiple Streams Of Income... spreading the Team Build Members Risks

Think of this risk strategy as a Mutual Fund - several investments in one portfolio so if one slows down or fails all the others will keep producing spreading the risk. 

So if you decide to go out on your own chasing those "Next Shiny Objects"  - that the Crypto Team Build Group "DOES NOT HAVE IN THEIR SCREENED PORTFOLIO" here: then get ripped off and scammed - SHAME ON YOU - you should have joined the Crypto Team Build Group asking the TEAM to help you learn how to earn Crypto the RIGHT WAY!