This $20 Aged Expired Domain is for sale

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10 months ago

This Expired Aged Domain Is For Rent or Sale

Right now I have the domain pointed to one of my Affiliate offers - go ahead and click on the domain to see my Affiliate offer.

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If you are looking for AFFORDABLE INSTANT traffic for your business offers... 

Expired Aged Domains are what you need. 

Benefits of Expired Aged Domains: 

  • Affordable Instant Traffic to your offer.
  • No need to buy Expensive Traffic again.
  • Your Domain will keep sending traffic 24/7.
  • Established Backlink Profile.
  • Google Considers domain age when Ranking a Website.
  • Help you Boost your SEO and climb to the top of the search in less time.
  • Give you a Competitive Advantage over Competitors in the same Niche.
  • Let's Capitalize on TARGETED NICHE existing traffic.
  • Real Age Shows in the Whois without even a single Drop.

Here is the link for this domain plus find the stats below…

Age Years = 10

Est. Go Daddy Value = $217

Facebook Shares = 14

Pinterest Pins = 0

Direct Links = 81

Refer Domains = 11

Citation & Trust Flow Ranking = 8

Back Links = 26

Ranking = 2

Domain Spam = 0

Do your Research first before choosing...

  • Age Years = The older the Domain the better.
  • FB Shares - If you choose a Domain that has Facebook (FB) Shares your Domain should be embedded in a Facebook Group or Page.  Consider this BONUS TRAFFIC!
  • Pinterest Pins - As you will see Pinterest Pins are hard to find when doing an Aged Domain Search. The majority of the Domains listed in the inventory below DO NOT HAVE Pinterest Pins. If you choose a Domain that has Pinterest Pins your Domain should be embedded in those Pinterest Pins - somehow some way. Consider this BONUS TRAFFIC! 
  • Direct Links = How many direct links have been pointed to the Domain - the more the better!
  • Refer Links = How many OTHER links have been referred to the Domain.
  • Citations & Trust Flow Ranking = The larger the ranking number the better however does NOT mean you will receive more or less quality traffic!
  • Ranking = The larger the number the better - important number when deciding to Buy - Rent To Own - Make Offer!
  •  Domain Spam "0" is what you want!